Vera Bohlen

I am a self-employed ceramic artist and wellbeing coach, living in Findhorn, Morayshire. I found my passion for clay coincidentally whilst attending a 3-months-long arts programme in Findhorn, Scotland in 1995. Originally trained as a photographer and social worker, the discovery of a passion for working with clay initiated a big life and career change and subsequently
my move from Germany to Scotland.

Opening the creative door in me took me on the journey I am still on: finding and nourishing the joy of creative expression which leads to a much deeper, quieter voice — the voice of my Soul and innate wellbeing. Having lived with a harsh internal judge for most of my teenage and adult life, finding a judgement-free creative space became a turning point in my life. It was deeply enjoyable and gave me a creative language beyond words — and was an important resource when dealing with a series of deaths of loved ones.

I have since witnessed the same effect many times in people who decide to express themselves creatively. If not judged, living our creative side is deeply healing.

Transformartional path

Beyond our conditioning and life experiences, we all have a Creative Well(of)Being in us which is untouched by life’s ups and downs. Understanding this resource, which is inbuilt in every human being, and waking up to its potential has been experienced as freeing and transformative by many people worldwide. In my one-on-one work with young or older clients, this is what I offer to explore. How can we listen more carefully to the wisdom that is already inside us, and cultivate, nurture and honour it?  Often enough clay makes this easy and fulfilling. Clay is soft to touch and extremely forgiving, almost any mistake can be easily undone. Working with clay is a slow process, good medicine in this fast-paced world. You have time to get to love your piece as you see it gradually unfold and change. 

Here is what I offer:  a safe space in which you can explore and play to find creative expression. You can talk or be silent — or a bit of both. I will be your creative travel companion, providing a safe space, practical help, a listening ear and creative and spiritual guidance.

Claysongs Ceramics Studio

If you are interested in buying any of my art online or in-person from the studio, you are most welcome. In addition, my work has been shown in galleries throughout Scotland, including “Just Art”, Fochabers; “Moray Art Centre”, Findhorn; “Dom Gallery”, Edinburgh; “State Theta Galleries”, Ormiston, “The Queens Gallery”, Dundee; as well as in other exhibitions of the Scottish Potters Association, of which I am a member. 

Education and additional training

Apprenticeship in Photography, 1985

Social work degree, 1991

Foundation Year Programme at Findhorn Foundation, 1998

Leading of many of their guest programmes, 1998 and ongoing

Game of Transformation facilitation training, 1985

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross course “Conscious Living, Conscious Dying” — a year-long course with
Phyllida Anam-Aire and staff, 1999

Ceramicist/artist, since 2004; at “Claysongs Ceramics” Studio, since 2013

ILM Foundations Of Coaching, 2019 and registered 3PGC apprentice practitioner, 2020

Mentoring on Heartfelt Presence, 2020

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