I am a self-employed ceramic artist and wellbeing mentor living in Findhorn, Morayshire. I found my passion for clay coincidentally whilst attending a 3-months-long arts programme in Findhorn, Scotland in 1995. Originally trained as a photographer and social worker, the discovery of a passion for working with clay initiated a big life and career change and subsequently my move from Germany to the Findhorn Community in 1996 where I still live. Through living here, I gained a meaningful access to spirituality, learned to listen within (IN-TUITION means inner teacher), to work in groups and to lead them — all the while following my passion for clay and for singing Georgian polyphony.

Transformartional path

Creativity has changed my life. But what is 'creativity'? A gateway to the simplicity of THIS moment and its potential for inspiration from a source inside of us that takes us to a deeper, quieter place of wellbeing. It is not only enjoyable but can give a tangible sense of connection which I experienced as profoundly healing. These qualities (that I experienced in depth through clay and through singing) helped me through intense transformations, like deaths of loved ones and gave me a heartfelt language where words often fail.

A deeper understanding

Living, learning, growing in community whilst working closely with the healing power of creativity found a natural deepening when I came across an understanding called “The 3 Principles of Mind Consciousness and Thought” in 2018. They describe the cornerstones of all human functioning and point to the same creative source within each of us that I have experienced through clay. Here I found my experiences described on a more universal (yet very practical) level. The basics of this Understanding is as simple and down to earth as clay…. and can take us to a place of inner freedom and wellbeing if we apply it in our life. They have been taught and tested over 4 decades in a wide spectrum of settings, including schools, hospitals, prisons etc. Engaging with this understanding is empowering and freeing.

In my studio I offer both: getting your hands into clay and having transformational explorations into our inbuilt capacity to thrive. If you believe that what I can offer might support you in your life,  please get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you. I invite you to join me in an exploration of life from a fresh angle.


Education and additional training

  • Apprenticeship in Photography, 1985
  • Social work degree, 1991
  • Foundation Year Programme at Findhorn Foundation, 1998
  • Leading of many guest programmes for the Findhorn Foundation and Findhorn College, since 1998, ongoing
  • Game of Transformation facilitators training, 1998
  • “Conscious Living, Conscious Dying” — a year-long training with Phyllida Anam-Aire and staff, 1999
  • Ceramicist/artist, selfemployed since 2004; at “Claysongs Ceramics” Studio, since 2013
  • ILM Foundations Of Coaching, 2018 and registered 3PGC apprentice practitioner, 2020
  • Mentoring on Heartfelt Presence, 2020
outside my studio
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