My creative path:

I am a self-employed ceramic artist and wellbeing life coach living in Findhorn, Morayshire. I found my passion for clay coincidentally whilst attending a 3-months-long arts programme in Findhorn, Scotland in 1995. Originally trained as a photographer and social worker, the discovery of a passion for working with clay initiated a big life and career change and subsequently my move from Germany to the Findhorn Community in 1996 where I still live. My passion for clay turned into working professionally as a ceramic artist in 2004 and in my own studio since 2013. I also have a passion for singing Georgian polyphony, walks in nature with my golden retriever lady, dips in the sea all year round and engaging in my community.

Transformartional path

Creativity has changed my life. Giving myself permission to be creative and play was a life changer. I, like many people, was shy and selfconscious to 'just play'. Art was for artists I thought. But what is 'creativity'? When we look at children playing we can't help but see their fun and presence in the moment. This potential lives in all of us at all times, but is often buried. One we give ourselves permission,  creativity serves as an enjoyable gateway to a deeper, quieter place of wellbeing which is often experienced as healing and fun. From this place we are able to respond to life and its challenges in new, creative ways. Come and try it!

Education and additional training

Apprenticeship in Photography, 1985

Social work degree, 1991

Foundation Year Programme at Findhorn Foundation, 1998

facilitating programmes for the Findhorn Foundation and Findhorn College, since 1998, ongoing

Game of Transformation facilitators training, 1998

“Conscious Living, Conscious Dying” — a year-long Kübler-Ross based training with Phyllida Anam-Aire and staff, 1999

Ceramicist/artist, selfemployed since 2004; at “Claysongs Ceramics” Studio, since 2013

ILM Foundations Of Coaching, 2018 and registered 3PGC apprentice practitioner, 2020

Mentoring on Heartfelt Presence international zoom room, 2020 ongoing

Foundations Of Impact, OneThought Institute London 2021/22

outside my studio
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