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Vera Bohlen
Ceramic Artist

I am a self employed ceramic artist, living in Findhorn, Morayshire.  I found my passion for clay ‘by default’ in 1995, when I came to attend an arts course in Findhorn, Scotland. Originally trained as a photographer and social worker,  the discovery of  a passion for working with clay initiated a big life and career change and subsequently my move from Germany to Scotland.

A previous photography training has helped to develop 'an eye for form'. Translated into 3D it has influenced the particular style of my ceramic vessels and figures. The pots and sculptures capture essence rather than detail, and with their simple flowing lines give space to imagination.

I am inspired by the rough beauty of the Scottish landscape, and the sea-rounded pebbles of my local beach. I love to work with natural finishes. The surface of my pieces may be carefully burnished with a stone, others  may be left rough. In this way they act as a 'canvas' for the marks of wood-, smoke- or raku firings. I love that each firing result is unique and cannot be predicted or repeated, -every firing is a new adventure.”

In 2002 I undertook a journey to New Mexico and Arizona to learn more about the ceramics tradition of the native american pottery villages along the Rio Grande and the Hopi Nation. Their deep connection to the earth and the simplicity yet refinement of the process in traditional pottery has become an inspiration, and the wild Beauty of scottish nature is certainly another, -in my Studio the boundaries between nature's touch and human touch are very fluent.

My work has been shown in galleries throughout Scotland,  including:
"Just Art" -Fochabers,  "
Moray Art Centre" -Findhorn,  "Dom Gallery" -Edinburgh, "State Theta Galleries" -Ormiston, "The Queens Gallery" -Dundee, and in exhibitions of the 'Scottish Potters Association' of which I have been a member for many years.

Vera Bohlen
Ceramic Artist
Findhorn, Scotland

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