Claysongs Ceramics Studio 

Vera Bohlen

The Park

521 East Whins



IV36 3TH

07783 932622


ClaySongs Ceramics is situated at 'The Park' at Findhorn. As you enter the Park, turn to the left and just follow the main road straight up, all the way up into the East Whins housing cluster. Right by the road, you will see a low beige building on your left, at the front of which you will find ClaySongs Ceramics.


Opening times from sprinng to autumn: 1.30- 4.30 pm most days and by appointment or luck.

Mondays and Tuesdays are often my time to do other things and the studio may be closed.

If those times don't suit you, or during winter when I take a break from studio presence,  please feel free to call me on my mobile: 077 83 93 26 22, if I'm around I am happy to come and open for you. 


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