What you can do at Claysongs Ceramics Studio


ShapeShifts: Life coaching with clay:

There are very many different ways to access inner wisdom, and unsurprisingly, working with clay is a wonderful medium for that. It is immediate in its response, soothing to touch, endlessly forgiving whilst also having its own rules you will have to surrender to working with the elements: earth fire water air, all part of the process, all part of our bodies. Keeping the hands busy and following the flow of clay, the left brain activity slows down and the intuitive side of the brain gets stimulated: the one by which we can access our very own source of wisdom. We all have the same potential for mental well-being. Regardless of circumstances, history or background, once we know where to look, finding access to one own source is uplifting and empowering even in difficult circumstances. It doesn't need to be hard work. If you are interested to know more, let's have a (free!) chat. You can contact me via this website.

5 sessions at 90 minutes special offer until the end of December 2021: £250

Coaching on zoom (with or without clay): 60 minutes £40


Clay Taster Sessions:

If you are interested in having a first go to experience clay. Working with clay is experienced as very satisfying by many people. It is a very forgiving material, soft to touch and known to be relaxing. I will give you an introduction to clay during shop opening times and some guidance along the way.

By previous appointment only.

price: £40 for 90 minutes, 2nd and 3rd person £35, firing is not included


The "Recovering Creative":

Are you longing to be more creative yet terrified of it? I used to be — I know the feeling. Yet finding my 'creative voice' has been a most rewarding journey that changed my life. I gained in confidence and joy, and found a most important source of wellbeing.

I offer a friendly non-judgemental creative space and my listening skills and understanding which come through my own life experience as a 'recovering creative'. Welcome to a journey of discovery... of clay and of your creative potential, fun and new horizons.

A block of 4 sessions £200, please get in touch if you have further questions.








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