Some accounts of the experiences gained at my studio:

Life coaching:

The place is very calm, and you are very chilled and there is something about clay where you can mess it up and Vera would just hand you another ball of clay, no big deal, no pressure. It got me out of the house and made me want to do things. You didn’t make me do things, you let me get on with making what I wanted to make and that was special to me. In the beginning, I only wanted to make tiny things, that felt easier and quicker and gave me a feeling of accomplishment. Different from the horse teapot, that took forever. In the beginning (then 11) I was easily frightened and thought everything was my fault, now I am more emotionally confident.  Max D. (16 years)

I feel that I have deepened into my journey of self-care.  The coaching with you, Vera, has affirmed that my time off is sacred and that I can go forward consistently saying yes to taking ‘my full self’ with me in whichever activity or situation I find myself in. It has also affirmed my need to work with deepening my vision for my life and work, as opposed to the individual areas within that vision. I have been able to make my own health a priority (for one of the first times in my life!!!). Being in your presence is a grounding yet spiritual space and makes me feel heard and safe.  Thank you. Mhairi McL.

I have been caring for a young person with autism and intense anxiety for 5 years during which time Vera and her Studio have been a constant beneficial presence. Vera has held R with extraordinary care and sensitivity enabling them to gain confidence and skills in a way that no one else in their life has been able to match. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Christopher R.

Clay taster sessions:

'Excellent wee shop full of handcrafted original pots and other bits and bobs. We had a private family introductory class which was an hour and a half of relaxation and fun. Vera was welcoming and showed us a number of techniques. Arranged for the kids, aged 8 and 11, but Mum and Dad thoroughly enjoyed it so much we are back home making thumb pots in the back garden!' Eddie R.

Quotes from the ClaySongs Studio visitors’ book:

I am a traveller from Oaxaca Mexico. Even as we have wonderful black clay talavera etc, this form of working with clay is SO UNIQUE and inspirational that with no hesitation I say it is the BEST clay pottery I ever saw- wow! Laura M-M.

Every piece is made with so much love and care& attention to detail. Vera is very intuitive and knows how to assist each piece in being its fullest expression. Thank you. I love all of them.  Misty

Delicious fiery pots to touch taste & delight in. The only shop I’ve ever walked in & wanted to take everything home. Inspiring & gorgeous. Thank you. Lauren & Andy

Best pottery venue I have ever visited.  Eva W. (during North East Open Studios)

Absolutely loved your work and it has inspired me to be more creative. Also loved talking with you, thanks.  Mary D.

Your work touches and moves me, + somehow feels connected to our deep ancestry- the ice age carvers, the cave painters-. She seems to have an ability to attune herself, her heart, her crafty hands, to the deep muscularity of and soul of each of these animals and allow the clay to form them. A birthing. Even the bowls have that archetypal resonant quality. I love this work- it makes me feel nourished and fat and full of life force! Thank you Vera, may your creations ride out into the world. Beverley

Thank you for your great spirit! We can feel it dancing in your art! Clare

Dear Vera, you are such a goddess and your work is pure love and soul! Thank you for sharing the magic of the world. With so much love, appreciation and amazement.  Catherine

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